Monopoly – Dungeons & Dragons Edition


Monopoly – Dungeons & Dragons Edition


Roll for initiative! Your party has stumbled upon the call to explore fantastical creatures of this realm and beyond with Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly!

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Monopoly – Dungeons & Dragons Edition

Buy, sell and trade iconic and deadly monsters like the Beholder, Storm Giant and infamous Demogorgon,

to nerf the competition in this role-playing adventurer’s twist on the classic game.

Build up Expeditions and Bases to capitalise on research and charge your opponents more rent,

while fateful Encounters and Treasures cards determine your next moves with prizes and penalties.

Choose from six collectible metallic tokens to accompany you on your quest across the board, from the menacing Kobold to the deadly Tarrasque.

Buy up a selection of Dungeons to ensnare your opponents and potentially send them to Jail,

just watch out for the Rust Monsters and the Dragon’s Lair or you might have to pay an unexpected fine!

With a beautiful array of illustrations and custom pieces,

this stunning edition of MONOPOLY is a must-have for all Dungeons & Dragons fans looking for a fresh twist on a classic board game.

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Winning Moves




Winning Moves

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