Beast Kingdom Dynamic Action Heroes Justice League Superman


Beast Kingdom Dynamic Action Heroes Justice League Superman


With a complete revision and upgrade to the Dynamic Action Heroes series,

Beast Kingdom has recreated arguably the most powerful member from the Justice League,

the superhuman son of Krypton: Superman.

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Beast Kingdom Dynamic Action Heroes Justice League Superman

The action figure revisits Superman in his iconic battle rage mode, accurately recreating the explosive moment,

of Superman dispensing pure rage as seen in the latest Justice League movie

No detail has been spared as the official Henry Cavil body cast scans from Warner Brothers have been used to outline Supermans muscular physique,

creating a feature list that makes the Dynamic 8ction Heroes 1/9 scale action figure feel as close to reality as possible.

With the included special heat vision eyepiece, collectors can closely feel the rage of Superman at his angriest moment.

The delicate patterns of the metallic-like, skin tight costume, coupled with a special coated paint,

Which accentuates light and shadows serves to highlight the inhuman physicality of the superhero.

Product Features 7.90 inches (20cm)

Made of plastic and die-cast From the Justice League movie Highly poseable Cloth cape

Weight 1 kg

Beast Kingdom




Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. is a leading global developer and distributor of licensed merchandise based on some of the world’s most recognizable movies, television shows, comics, graphic novels, books, video games and pop culture icons.
Beast Kingdom

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