Beast Kingdom D Stage Disney Classic Lion King


Beast Kingdom D Stage Disney Classic Lion King


Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is proud to present a selection of D-Stage, ‘Staging Your Dreams’ dioramas from the magical world of Disney and Pixar!

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Beast Kingdom D Stage Disney Classic Lion King

Standard version (Transparent color box): A one-piece molded product, packed into a transparent color box.

The product itself cannot be disassemble.

Hakuna matata, ‘what a wonderful phrase’, and with it what a wonderful movie from Disney’s classic animated history.

Following Simba the proud lion as he goes through his right of passage,

the now infamous scene sees the young cub assisted by his new trusted friends Timon, the meerkat and Pumbaa, a warthog,

who are showing the lost lion a philosophy to live by.

Try to forget you troubled past, forget ones worries and look to the future, something everyone can aspire to!

In the Beast Kingdom, D-Stage-076, the classic Hakuna Matata scene is recreated in full.

Featuring all of the characters, Simba is seen climbing down a log in wonder amongst a lush jungle backdrop,

whilst Timon and Pumbaa are both leisurely relaxing and singing their favorite song.

For the sharp-eyed fans of the film, the two familiar insects are also featured.

Careful now, don’t get eaten by Simba! What other magical parts of the scene can fans find?

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