Game of Thrones – Davos Pocket Pop! Keychain


Game of Thrones – Davos Pocket Pop! Keychain


Reformed smuggler and landed Knight, Ser Davos is loyal – first to Stannis Baratheon, then to Jon Snow, the King in the North. Assisting Stannis by smuggling onions and foodstuffs into Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion, he was rewarded with Knighthood, taking as his sigil of an onion on black ship sails. Despite his illiteracy he serves as Jon’s principle adviser and right-hand man – ironic, as Davos’ punishment for smuggling was the removal of the four fingertips at the knuckles from his right hand.


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This Pocket Pop! features Ser Davos, in knight’s attire, with shortened fingered glove on his right hand. Add him to your collection today!

Pocket Pops are collectible miniaturized Pop’s. Each Pocket Pop is 1.5 inches tall. These collectible Pocket Pop’s have all the same features as a standard Pop’s, but are shrunk down to fit comfortably in your pocket

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