Harry Potter - Hermione Holiday Pocket Pop! Keychain

For students who can’t return home for the holidays, Christmas at Hogwarts is always a splendid affair.

Twelve Christmas trees adorn the Great Hall, garlands of holly and tinsel are twisted around the banisters of the stairs.

Everlasting candles glow from inside the helmets of suits of armour and great bunches of mistletoe.

Are hung at intervals along the corridors. To top it off, there’s a grand feast shared by all on Christmas Day.

ETA: 30th September 2020


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Harry Potter – Hermione Holiday Pocket Pop! Keychain

For Harry, it’s the first time in his life that he has enjoyed the celebration.

Not only does he receive gifts from friends, but also the Dursleys are far from his mind as he enjoys the festivities.

This Pocket Pop! Keychain features Hermione Granger, out of uniform and enjoying the holidays.

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