Halloween - Michael Myers Funko 5-Star Vinyl

Halloween – Michael Myers Funko 5-Star Vinyl

Indulge your love of horror with 5 Star characters straight out of your worst nightmares. 5 Star figures including Annabelle from Annabelle, the nun from The Nun, Michael Myers from Halloween and Jack Torrance from The Shining are possible characters accompanied by appropriately terrifying accessories. Grab them before they can grab you.





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Funko is thrilled to dive deeper into the world of storytelling and pop culture with their latest line of collectible vinyl figures – 5 Star!

In addition to Funko’s usual attention to detail and characterisation, the 5 Star series boasts several unique features including:

– three points of articulation, allowing the figures to be posed
– window display box packaging that mimics the opening of a book, situating each character in their unique world
– character-specific accessories that further the character’s narrative

Now you can get some of your favourite characters in this amazing 5 Star format

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