Fairy Tail - Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set Of 6)

Ever wondered what it’d be like to join a wizard guild that gets paid to slay dragons and other dangerous beings?

No? Yeah me neither, however if that does pique your interest then look no further than the hit Japanese manga series Fairy Tail.


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Fairy Tail – Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set Of 6)


Fairy Tail – Mavis Vermillion Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail – Erza Scarlet Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail – Laxus Dreyar Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail – Mirajane Strauss Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail – Jellal Fernandes Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail – Gray Fullbuster Devil Slayer Pop! Vinyl [RS]

Set in the fictional world of Earth-Land, Fairy Tail follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel,

a member of the popular wizard guild Fairy Tail, as he searches for his adopted father, the dragon Igneel.

Funko Pop Vinyls are an extremely fantastic way to gift the pop culture fan in your life.

With a small-scale representation of their favorite movie, TV show, or video game. Engineered for maximum cuteness.

All 4-inch pop vinyl are sent in our .5mm protector.




Funko Inc. is an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles. Best known for its licensed vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. In addition, the company produces licensed plush, action figures, and electronic items.

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