Call of Duty - Dr. Edward Richtofen 7” Action Figure

Dr. Edward Richtofen, is affectionately known as “The Butcher” to his victims as they scream in agony moments before he snuffs out their light. All through his career, Richtofen has been at the forefront of torture and information extraction research. Richtofen is an incurable sociopath and sees no moral distinction between natural death and murder; the victim is the victim, regardless of how their demise manifests itself.


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  • Incredibly detailed figure of Richtofen modeled from in-game scans
  • 7” Articulated Richtofen figure featured in on-screen attire from the Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 “Zombies” mode
  • Figure features 22 moving parts for ultra articulation
  • Figure comes with in-game accurate Ray Gun accessory
  • Figure includes a code for downloadable in-game content (subject to change)
  • Figure is showcased in Call of Duty themed window box packaging

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