Beast Kingdom D Stage Disney Classic Dumbo

With this, Beast Kingdom, the ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ couldn’t be more proud than to introduce the latest line of D-Stage,

‘Staging Your Dreams’ Dioramas: The Disney Classic Animation Series.


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Beast Kingdom D Stage Disney Classic Dumbo

In 1941 brought another slam-run for Disney with the release of their 4th classic: ‘Dumbo’!

The story of a young circus elephant born with a pair of extraordinary large ears, which at first is the subject of ridicule.

Yet with perseverance Dumbo literally rises above his difficulties by learning to fly, and in flight we see Dumbo in the D-Stage diorama,

surrounded by fun balloons soaring in the sky above with Timothy Q the mouse in tow, finally finding stardom and respect!

Using 360 degree detailed 3d modelling technology the Beast Kingdom team brings to life highly detailed scenes and characters as if they popped out of the comic pages.

Each figure standing at around 15cm in height truly makes for the perfect DC collectable with two of their biggest stars to start the show.

So make sure you collect both today and bring Gotham citys larger than life protagonists to a desk near you!

Product Measurements: Approx. 6-inch (15-16 cm)


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