Alien - Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig 5” Vinyl Figure

…bleed, burn, or get torn to shreds. There’ll be little time for screaming once one of these nightmarish creations of the mad gods get close.

The titular monster from Ridley Scott’s Alien film franchise, the Xenomorph has sent shivers down the spines of movie fans for over forty years. And now it can terrify you as it takes up residence in your Q-Fig collection.


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Alien – Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig 5” Vinyl Figure

Our Xenomorph Q-Fig presents the ultimate predator as it descends a metal chain while hunting some very unfortunate prey.

Featuring vicious claws and the trademark Alien double jaw, the Xenomorph is held aloft by only the sticky slime oozing from the creature’s maw and a heavy cargo chain.

Did you need a Q-Fig this frightening? Maybe not. But you know you want it, and so will every fan of the Aliens films.

The perfect killing machine is now the perfect collectible. 

The Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig stands approximately 5 inches tall and stands atop a starship-themed diorama base.

Collect the Xenomorph, Ripley & Power Loader and the Face Hugger today to complete your Alien Q-Fig collection!



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